About METO


METO is a platform powered by METIX, a digital disturber.
METO develops and markets a collaborative platform that exploits the full potential of the "cloud" to facilitate decision making and save time.


METO Analytics

Collaborative tool enabling analysis and due diligence reviews. The tool maximizes automatic capture of all business data, CLOUD information and integrates artificial intelligence to clear vision of business status.

METO Planning

Tool enabling Unique Sale Proposal for clear strategic direction. The tool integrates artificial intelligence to transform analysis into organizational objectives and KPIs and action plan.

METO Execution

Tool that gives info on business value and helps management to execute strategic planning by giving real time business data compared with KPIs planned.

METO Capture

Intelligent retrieval software that captures information from financial PDF.

Be connected to your business data and "CLOUD" information automatically and in real time to make the best decision and save time.



Vivianne Gravel

Vivianne Gravel, LL.M

President and CEO
Ricardo Machado

Ricardo Machado, ing.

CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Benoit Potvin

Benoit Potvin, Ph.D Candidate

CSO, Chief Science Officer
Mathieu Hémon

Mathieu Hémon, M. Ing.

COO, Chief Operations Officer

Board of directors

Jean-Paul Gagné

Jean-Paul Gagné, ASC

President of the Board
François Gagnon

François Gagnon, Ph.D

Member of the Board of directors
Céline Garneau

Céline Garneau, Lawyer

Member of the Board of directors
Vivianne Gravel

Vivianne Gravel, LL.M

Member of the Board of directors
Louis Hébert

Louis Hébert, Ph.D

Member of the Board of directors
Jean-Yves Leblanc

Jean-Yves Leblanc, Ing., MBA

Member of the Board of directors


Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et des Exportation
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Mitacs Inc

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